West Canada Creek Campsites
12275 State Route 28
Deerfield, NY 13502
Local Phone:
Toll Free: 888-461-2267
Email: [email protected]

Oneida County
If you are looking for a picturesque place to rest and relax, come to West Canada Creek Campsites. Our campground is close to the Adirondack Park in the spectacular Adirondack Mountains. We are a full service campground with everything the family needs while camping. You can enjoy an assortment of outdoor activities such as swimming in our sparkling pool, tubing or canoeing on the river, spending a lazy day fishing on the West Canada Creek, or maybe you'll just want to relax, sit back, and read a book while taking in the splendid scenery. Family Camping - Experience It!
Nearby Parks
For centuries, the Oneida Carrying Place, a six mile portage connecting the Mohawk River and Wood Creek, served as a vital link for those traveling by water from the ocean to the Great Lakes....

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